Venice, Giovanni II Corner, Osella d'oro from 4 zecchini year II, 1710, RRR

Venice, Giovanni II Corner ...
Venice, Giovanni II Corner ...
12.000,00 €

Venice, Giovanni II Corner (1709-1722) Gold Osella of 4 sequins year II, 1710. AV. S MARCVS VENETVS Winged and nimmed lion with crown and ducal horn, seated with the Gospel between his paws; on the exergue M A B / IOANNIS CORNELII PRINCIPIS MVNVS AN II SAL MDCCX ET AB VRBE WITH MCCXC in seven lines, within a palm and laurel wreath. Paolucci II, 363. CNI 150. Very rare!!

Grading/Status: SPL+