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Italy, Italian mints coins, Rome, Clement VII (Giulio de'Medici) 1523-1534, Double Julius, Very Rare!

Coins of Italian mints, Rome, ...
Coins of Italian mints, Rome, ...
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Coins of Italian mints, Rome, Clement VII (Giulio de'Medici) 1523-1534.

Double Julius, AR 7.5 g. CLEMEN VII - PONT MAX Coat of arms surmounted by a triple crown and decussed keys; lily in the coping. Rv. · S · PA · + · S · PE · Faced busts of St. Peter and St. Paul; below, F on ascending (mint mark not identified) and, in turn, ALMA - ROMA. Muntoni 39. Berman 840. MIR 788/1. Very rare. Patina of medal table.

Grading/Status: SPL