Italian mints, French Empire Napoleon I,5 Francs 1813, Genoa Mint, RRR

Italian mints, Genoa, French ...
Italian mints, Genoa, French ...
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Italian mints, Genoa, French Empire Napoleon I (1806- 1813)5 Francs 1813. D / NAPOLEON / EMPEREUR, graduated head on the right, in the cut of the BRENET neck, under Tr in cursive monogram. - R / EMPIRE FRANCAIS. , in the laurel wreath value field, on the exergo bow 1813 CL. - T / DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE in incuse. CNI 3. Pagani 25. Franc V 307/63. Carige 1025.Extremely rare. Exemplary of great freshness and with the original luster! qFDCOn the French coinage for the Empire are shown the symbol of the Director and the identifying marks of the mint. In the case of Genoa it is the bow of a sailing ship for the Director M. Podesta and CL for the city. The Podesta accesses the appointment of mint director on 5 June 1810. Previously, although not coining the identifying symbol for the Mint of Genoa, it was the term CC for Christopher Columbus. The coinage of Genoa like that of Turin for the French occupation is very rarely found in a good state of conservation. These coins, despite being minted in the last years of the empire, have circulated a lot since they were not immediately demonetized. Of the 13,552 pieces minted for 5 Francs 1813, only a few pieces have survived. This specimen is of a quality out of the ordinary!

Grading/Status: qFDC